Study after study has shown that workplace conflict is a major cost for business.

A few of the costs of conflict are:

  • hours of productive time lost dealing with conflict
  • employee stress
  • employee absenteeism and churn
  • angry employees leading to customer dissatisfaction and damage to brand.

Conflict is also the biggest cost that can be cut without compromising core business operations – if managers have skills in workplace conflict resolution.

Yet, amazingly, very few managers have any formal training in conflict management.

In a culturally diverse workplace, the potential for missunderstanding and conflict rises dramatically. This can lead to huge cost blow-outs if these issues are not handled in a culturally sensitive way.

Discover the Other

Discover the Other is a training and consultancy service based in Melbourne, Victoria.

We work with businesses and organisations to transform dysfunctional or poorly-functioning teams into high-performing teams. We specialise in issues around cultural diversity and cross-cultural communication.

We would love to help you if you:

  • Struggle with infighting and poor teamwork
  • Have employees or members who feel judged and misunderstood
  • Find that time is being wasted defending positions instead of working together productively
  • Have problems arising from misunderstandings and poor communications.

As Stephen MR Covey wrote, The speed of trust is the one thing that changes everything.

We have over 20 years experience working with groups as diverse as politicians, police forces, ex-combatants, ethnic and multicultural groups.

When you work with Discover the Other you can expect

  • teamwork and harmony
  • people who feel valued and understood
  • greater productivity and employee/member retention

Our passion is to build better relationships to build a better world.