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Gandhi and leadership

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013
Rajmohan Gandhi (left)

Mike with Rajmohan Gandhi (left)

Back in February I travelled to India to participate in an international conference, Dialogue on Democracy, in Panchgani, Maharashtra. I was last there 27 years ago so it was interesting to reconnect with familiar places and faces and also to see how much had changed.  It was also a chance to reconnect with Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson and biographer of Mahatma Gandhi, and I was fortunate to share a 5-hour taxi ride with him back to Mumbai after the conference finished.

A while back I purchased and started reading Rajmohan’s mammoth biography of his grandfather, but it was only after this visit to India that I was inspired to read it properly.  And after reading it, it was several more months before I felt I had digested it enough to write a review.  Well I have now done that. The review is on, but I also include it below. (more…)

Courage – the first quality of a trustbuilder

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
Maori Warrior

Trustbuilders need the courage of a warrior

Teams pull together when there is trust. So a team leader has to be, above all things, a trustbuilder. Of the many qualities needed to fulfil that role, the first quality of a trustbuilder is courage.

That’s right, Courage. Other qualities like Listening, Compassion, Integrity and Flexibility are also vital. But Courage comes first. (more…)