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Australians ask what it means to be good neighbours
Report of the  Australia as a Neighbour conference, Melbourne 2007

Bridging the Divides in Sydney
David and Jane Mills have been working at Christian-Muslims dialogues in Sydney since 2003, as well as building bridges of trust between Australia and her Pacific neighbours and much else.

Norway’s Muslims work it out
Mike Lowe talks with Kebba Secka, President of Norway’s Islamic Movement, about the trustbuilding work within the Norwegian Muslim community, and with the wider community

An Honest Conversation on Race
Mike Lowe talks with Rob Corcoran who has helped pioneer racial dialogue and trustbuilding in Richmond, Virginia, former hub of the Slave Trade and Capital of the Confederate south

Pioneers of the Refugee Healing Trail
From Nagaland to Melbourne. From facing tigers in the jungle to Aboriginal smoking ceremonies, by way of the Refugee Healing Trail. Mike Lowe talks to Visier and Pari Sanyu

Nigeria’s Latest Export: Peace
A Muslim imam and a Christian pastor: former enemies, now internationally renowned peacemakers. Two Nigerians have been taking their message of hope around the world.

What would Gandhi do?
Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson and biographer of Mahatma Gandhi shares his grandfather’s peace-building mission.

Tradition and New Beginnings
At 34, Emmanuel Aliba Kiiza became the youngest ever Prime Minister of Eastern Africa’s oldest kingdom. Mike Lowe meets him in Australia.

A two-fold vocation
Dr Omnia Marzouk, the new President of Initiatives of Change International, has a vocation both as a children’s doctor and as a trustbuilder. She talks to Mike Lowe.

What has People Power done for Poland
Mike Lowe visits Poland 10 years after its return to democracy,+ten…-a030217320

From the For A Change Blog

Forgiveness, Guilt and Remorse >>
Unpacking the ideas of guilt, remorse and collective responsibility to a group of young adults.
10 July 2007

The Nature and Risks of Spiritual Institutions >>
Some thought on the nature of spiritual institutions, political institutions, and their differences.
28 June 2007

Abraham, Aboriginals and Andrei Rublev >>
What have the biblical stories of Abraham, the Aboriginal dreaming stories and the Russian icon-painter Andrei Rublev got to do with each other?
13 June 2007

The Corporation and the Commuter >>
Frustration over a cancelled train leads to reflection on the flaws of modern capitalism.
01 June 2007

Science vs Religion >>
When scientists attack and religion and vice-versa nobody wins except the publishers.
30 May 2007

Creativity and Chaos >>
Is there a link between creativity and chaos? Or is this just an excuse I tell myself to excuse my disorganization?
29 May 2007

Defusing Intolerance >>
After helping lead a two-day ‘Discover the Other’ workshop in a Muslim school, I take my hat off to the kids who are in the front line of defusing intolerance.
16 May 2007

Resilience and Relationships in School >>
How can we help build resilience among a group of fifteen-year-old Muslim students in Australia?
07 May 2007

An Insane Way to Live >>
Author Marilyn French hoped that the feminist movement would change the world. But, she says, in essential ways nothing has changed.
04 May 2007

Images for change >>
Michael Kramer has written to announce the launch of a new image library aimed at the public interest and non-profit community.01 May 2007

A Space for Dialogue >>
Last night I met Rachel Kohn, one of Australia’s national treasures, at the launch of her new book.
01 May 2007

If Only… >>
If only it had been Aboriginals in the Garden of Eden…
30 April 2007

On Good Taste >>
With so many cheap plastic and electronic goods available, can I curb my materialistic tendencies?
27 April 2007

Saving Water >>
We are already classified as ‘efficient users’ of water. Could we do more?
27 April 2007

My Friend Donald >>
It is always good to have the counsel of wise friends. I have been inspired by my friend Donald Nicholl, a great human being, whose books I have been reading.
25 April 2007

Thoughts on Easter >>
A few reflections on the meaning of Easter after a week away in the stillness of nature.
16 April 2007

Fun and Games with Spelling >>
I think it was Winston Churchill who described the English and Americans as ‘two peoples divided by a common language’.
28 March 2007

Reality Therapist >>
Taking the train into work this morning, a pretty blond girl caught my eye (hey, I’m a bloke). She was wearing a white tunic with the words ‘Beauty Therapist’ written on it. Somehow I misread it as ‘Reality Therapist’ and that set me thinking … ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a Reality Therapist!’ … and (next thought) … ‘But what would they do?’
27 March 2007

So Much to blog About! >>
I know that it has been a while since we launched, and I haven’t written much in that time. It hasn’t been for lack of things to write about though! So I want to give a little round-up of stories and events – any one of which could easily be extended to a longer article.
23 March 2007

Fast-Food, Dancing, Jokes and Forbidden Love – a story of hope >>
Amid the glitz and glamour of the Oscars, a surprising story of hope from the Middle East…
23 March 2007

From For A Change magazine

Can We Make An Alliance of Civilizations a Reality?
Climate change and tackling world poverty may be the most important issues facing this generation. But we can only progress these if we can build an ‘alliance of civilizations’. Mike Lowe finds out why this new UN initiative is so important.
09 February 2007

The Way to a www.onderful World?
The Internet is already changing many people’s lives, but the IT revolution is only just starting. Should the world be grateful or worried, asks Mike Lowe.
01 June 2001

What Has People Power Done for Poland?
Mike Lowe revisits Poland, ten years after its return to democracy.
01 August 1999

Ukraine ‘- Five Years Into Freedom
Grim realism has replaced the euphoria of 1991 in Ukraine, as in most countries of the former Soviet Union. On a recent visit to Ukraine, Mike Lowe discovered that democracy must start at the grassroots
01 August 1996

A Voice for the Unheard Believer
An unexpected chance to study in Russia led to Michael Bourdeaux becoming an authority on the Church under communism. Mike Lowe meets the man who founded the Keston Institute.
01 June 2000

Reaching Out to Asylum Seekers
Over the last six years, the Asylum Seekers Centre in Melbourne, Australia, has distributed over A$250,000-worth of aid.
01 August 2003

Discover the Other
Tolerance is not enough to bridge the world’s differences, writes Mike Lowe. We need to engage.
01 December 2004

Truth, Lies and Freedom
At the time, the 1991 Gulf War was the ‘most televised conflict ever’. Yet the public was given precisely the picture that suited the American-led forces-that this was a high-tech war of ‘surgical strikes’ and few casualties.
01 June 2003

The Face of Politics to Come
What makes a society strong? The vitality of its community life, maintains Mike Lowe.
01 February 2001

Eritrean: Across the Bridge
Dr Teame Mebrahtu was forced to flee from Eritrea when the Provisional Military Administrative Council took over in Ethiopia, he is now a lecturer in Education and Development in the Third World at Bristol University.
01 December 1987

British Imam Reminds Australian Muslims of the Positive Contribution They Can Make
Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid, one of Britain’s leading Muslims, and his wife Jamila have been visiting Australia as guests of Initiatives of Change as part of IofC’s mission to build bridges of trust across the world’s divides.
30 November 2006

Solomon Islands Police training
FOLLOWING A ‘Winds of Change’ conference in the Solomon Islands last June (see FAC Aug/Sept 2004) members of the Royal Solomon Islands Police held a workshop in September. Opening it, Assistant Police Commissioner Johnson Siapu called for ‘a great revolution of character’ to overcome division in the world.
01 December 2004

Australian Conference Breaks Barriers
‘Together we can make a world of difference’ was the theme of a conference organized by MRA/Initiatives of Change in Collaroy, New South Wales, Australia in April.
01 June 2003

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